The slaves in the colonial Brazil created the “Feijoada”.
They started cooking the pork meats that Farmland owners discarded such as ear, tails, feet in a big pot with black beans.
This dish became traditional all over the country. Since then, the dish was incremented with pork sirloin and sausages that transformed the menu in a famous entrée that everybody who visit Brazil have to taste.
The following recipe is an easy-to-do version of Feijoada made only with pork tenderloin and sausages.
This recipe is preferred for busy people that don’t want to handle the salted pork ears, tails and feet found in the complete Feijoada.

Feijoada is made with black beans and pork meats.
You can use a can of beans already cooked or learn how to cook dried beans.
Add black beans to a medium-sized pot with 2 tbs oil, salt, garlic, chopped onions and about 6 bay leaves.
Cook for about 15 minutes in med heat and set aside.

In a separated panfry, cook cubes of pork tenderloin and slices of bacon with salt, garlic.
Add all the sausages sliced and stir medium-heat until dry all the water.
Add the cooked meat to the pan with the black beans and your feijoada is ready!
Cook your feijoada more 10 minutes to meat soak in the black beans. You can add some pepper sauce to your

Hint: to make the feijoada creamy, liquefy 1/2 cup of black beans in the blender and add to the feijoada.

Before serving the “Feijoada”, you can serve a caipirinha as an appetizer.
Feijoada is a main dish frequently served with white rice, collard greens and seasoned manioc flour (farofa).
To follow the “Feijoada”, we serve orange segments as a dessert.

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